Take a tour

Welcome to the AirMap tour. The screenshots and movies have been created to give you a first impression of what AirMap is all about. If you would like a hands-on experience or more information, please contact us for a demonstration on location.

The situation at your airport at one glance

AirMap displays all relevant actual information on an interactive map of the airport and its surroundings using symbols. It provides an instant overview of the situation, improving the situational awareness of your staff and thereby increasing safety and efficiency.

Information at your fingertips

The right information at the right moment and in the right form leads to better, faster and more relevant decisions. AirMap makes this possible by providing a quick overview using symbols to visualise special circumstances. When detailed information is needed, a simple tap or click on the symbol will retrieve all available information.

Easy and intuitive control of the map

Working with AirMap is easy. It combines touch-interaction with easy to interpret visualizations, making the platform intuitive and accessible to everyone. Basic interaction requires no special training and the shallow learning curve minimizes the required transition effort. The map can be manipulated with simple gestures for zooming, panning and rotation.

Adding information is simple and effective

Anyone who has access to AirMap can add and instantly share information. By simply selecting a symbol and placing it at the desired location on the map, information is shared. By adding textual information to the symbol the information shared can be enriched. By again using 'drag and drop' an user can also move or remove information from the map.

Information is shared instantly

Information is shared instantly when a user or external system adds, updates or removes information. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided therefore all your staff will have the same operational picture avoiding miscommunication and improving overall efficiency.

No dedicated hardware required

AirMap is a windows application and can be used on any regular PC. Therefore there is no need for dedicated hardware, keeping investment cost low. It furthermore enables users to easily switch between applications without rebooting or changing from computer, saving time and frustration.

Personalised interface for every user or user group

Information needs are different for every user. Some users will only want to monitor a specific area of the airport while others may also want to have an overview of the surroundings. Or, some elements of the map are only important for specific tasks while it is a distraction during regular tasks. AirMap lets its users create and store their own map view; customised to their needs, showing only the information they need. These preferences are available at any AirMap client by simply selecting the appropriate user.

Every user has a personal drawing layer

Each user has an own drawing layer which is not visible for any other user. This allows users to make notes to support their activities as they would normally do on a paper map. This functionality can also be used to visually support instructions to visitors or colleagues.

Maintain and update your own map

There are no extra costs involved to maintain your map in AirMap. The settings menu is a place where authorized users can update the airport map. Simply modify your map in your favourite graphics editor and load it in one of the AirMap clients and AirMap will automatically distribute it to all other clients in your network.

Add your own symbols to AirMap

Not only the airport map can be maintained without additional costs, an authorised user can add, remove or update symbols. Design your own symbols in any graphics editor and load it into AirMap. By categorising symbols, even the object menu can be structured to the preferences of the airport.